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NoDO update for HTC HD7 to be Rolled out by Microsoft Today!

March 30th, 2011 HTC Themes No comments


If you haven’t heard of the NoDO, here’s the lowdown for you: The NoDO is an update for your HTC HD7 which gives you the ability to copy and paste feature enhancements to HTC HD7’s camera, App, Store, Wi-Fi and other system performance.

NoDO update also gives you Faster apps and games. Nobody likes the idea of waiting for a long time especially at this Digital age. The update wouldn’t include a multi-tasking ability, but it allows you to switch from application to application faster.

For the Facebook addicts, here is something for you: Microsoft improved syncing with Facebook accounts. You’ll have better experience in updating and yes, doing some Facebook time.

So what’s the connection with NoDO and HTC? Word is T-Mobile’s own HTC HD7 is soon to get a NoDO update starting March 29, 2011. The update is still a question because the documentation states that the update will be sliced into two parts. It indicates the updates will be on all HTC HD7 phones BUT the date is not mentioned.

To update, you need to connect the HTC HD7 with Microsoft Zune so you can complete installation.