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HTC Status; the Phone for the Facebookholics

July 3rd, 2011 HTC Themes No comments

In today’s time, Facebook connection is something that almost 85% of smartphone users would want to have in their phone.


With that in mind, AT&T is glad and proud to say that they’ll be releasing HTC Status; also known as ChaCha the second time. The ChaCha was first released at Mobile World Congress months ago.

The revamped ChaCha, now called Status now has a 800 MHz processor.

Facebooking is now like carrying a handkerchief to most people (especially the teens) around the world. If you don’t have it, the whole day isn’t complete.

HTC Status is an android phone equipped with HTC Sense but with an additional Facebook button; a handset on the device.

The button enables you to share links, music, video events etc.

AT&T didn’t say when it’s going to be released. So for the mean time, check in once in a while and we’ll post an update.

T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide; Leaked Pictures!

June 20th, 2011 HTC Themes No comments

If you’ve been thinking which carrier the HTC myTouch 4G slide will be released, you now have an idea. HTC and T-Mobile have been working again for an upgrade of the HTC myTouch 3G and it’s now the 4G version.

TmoNews got a hand of the new HTC myTouch 4G Slide also known as the DoubleShot. What we only know back then is that it’s a slide phone with a dual-core 1.2 GHz, a QWERTY keypad and has 800 x 480 resolution.

However, no pictures we’re present up until now.


The myTouch 4G slide looks almost alike with the 3G version. The front has the same myTouch logo, front face camera and even the speaker grill.

We’ll hear when it’ll be released soon now that people have already seen the phone. Sources say that it’ll be at the first half of July. We need to wait for the real word though.

For more pictures, please proceed to:

Little Green Men in Belgium

June 13th, 2011 HTC Themes No comments

HTC’s been one of the unique advertisers around.
If you’ve been in Antwerp Central Station last Friday, you may have notice little green things standing at certain parts.

androi bots

If you’re wondering what they are, they are HTC’s little green Android Figurines.

HTC’s android little-bots were already seen in a Belgium rail network and is going to increase their advertising soon. HTC androids looks like a marching army that’s looking to take over the smart phone world.

The Belgian Gadget Review website was there to take a picture of green androids.


I find it an effective way of advertising because it’ll catch anyone’s attention. If I was there I’d get one android.

A prediction was made and in 2015, Windows phone OS will overtake iOS. HTC has confirmed that 70% of the phones they’ll be producing are Android based and the number may increase soon.

HTC has confirmed partnership with Microsoft and is in a solid commitment to try and overtake the Apple company.

HTC’s Plan; Get to Top 3 within the next Two Years

June 12th, 2011 HTC Themes No comments

With HTC’s current progress, they now are forecasting to be one of the best smartphone provider within the next two years. Because of the 2010 sales, it’s no wonder that our ever loved company would want to outdo themselves.
In the current rankings, HTC is the 5th largest smartphone providers with 9.3% marketshare.

Jack Tong, the president of HTC North Asia voiced out what they want; that’s the Top 3 spot.

We all know how HTC provides great phones. I personally would want them to hop up a few spots. Who knows, they might be able to snag top 2 or even top 1. Is it impossible? No if HTC will keep on supplying awesome phones.

HTC is constantly expanding their technology and portfolio. They acquired a lot of companies and they won’t stop on it that’s for sure.


Three new HTC Phones to be Showcased this June 8 2011

June 6th, 2011 HTC Themes No comments

HTC has been working a lot with T-mobile and you don’t have to wait much up until they release three of their new phones.

T-Mobile will be showcasing three new HTC phones.

HTC Sensation 4G is going to be launched this month. I’m hoping that it gets launched at the 8TH because there are a lot of people that are waiting for a new one to show up. Keep your fingers crossed.

The next in line would be the HTC Doubleshot also known as the myTouch 4G Slide. This HTC phone has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. This phone is predicted to be launched at mid-July. We’re hoping that it goes out sooner.

The last on the list is the HTC Marvel. HTC Marvel is HTC Wildfire S’s twin. This is a cheap handset for the people that don’t make a lot.

The 8th of June is three days from now so be ready to read up some information about the new phones.


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HTC Flyer; Seen at

May 29th, 2011 HTC Themes No comments

For me, HTC Flyer’s price is sky high because of the low specs.

However, HTC looks like they’re serious about this tablet because they advertised it on CNN’s website. A huge ad on a very famous website costs a lot. And for HTC to advertise it on, they looked like they’re serious about promoting it.
htc ad on cnn
The advertisement helps you to explore a little of HTC Flyer and has a video clip for you with the use of the digital pen.

The marketing budget looks to be very large because of this ad. I just wish the company used half of the budget to give the Flyer better specs and even a free digital pen.

Sometimes, you don’t need large ads to market a great product am I right? The product should speak for itself in my own point of view.