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HTC Theme: Greent Plant w/ Rain

May 4th, 2011 HTC Themes No comments

It’s nice to see plants on your phone once in a while. It gives you a sense of peace knowing that something as green and pure as this one has grown to be a mature plant and enjoying the rain.

I like the relaxing effect it gives to me. If you want a theme that’s something green, here’s something for you.

Download HTC Theme: Greent Plant w/ Rain

HTC Rider and HTC Kingdom: HTC’s new Flagship phones?

May 1st, 2011 HTC Themes No comments

htc kingdom htc rider
From the 911HTC website, it seems like HTC is working on a big project that will change the world of HTC lovers. These two named HTC Rider and HTC Kingdom may turn to be the new Flagship for the HTC company.

The 911HTC website shot some blurry images but it clearly shows you how things may go down as months progress.
HTC Kingdom sports a 540 x 960 qHD display while HTC Rider will sport a remarkable HTC Design (the product having a color red case).

Both are Android powered device. The HTC Ride(with Red on the sides) is in pre-production. The Rider’s button config looks like the Evo 3D. Both phones will have a front face camera; something that’s being implemented on the new phones.

The two devices will look to be released on different markets. More details will sure to leak out soon. If not, be posted by HTC itself.