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NoDO update for HTC HD7 to be Rolled out by Microsoft Today!

March 30th, 2011 HTC Themes No comments


If you haven’t heard of the NoDO, here’s the lowdown for you: The NoDO is an update for your HTC HD7 which gives you the ability to copy and paste feature enhancements to HTC HD7’s camera, App, Store, Wi-Fi and other system performance.

NoDO update also gives you Faster apps and games. Nobody likes the idea of waiting for a long time especially at this Digital age. The update wouldn’t include a multi-tasking ability, but it allows you to switch from application to application faster.

For the Facebook addicts, here is something for you: Microsoft improved syncing with Facebook accounts. You’ll have better experience in updating and yes, doing some Facebook time.

So what’s the connection with NoDO and HTC? Word is T-Mobile’s own HTC HD7 is soon to get a NoDO update starting March 29, 2011. The update is still a question because the documentation states that the update will be sliced into two parts. It indicates the updates will be on all HTC HD7 phones BUT the date is not mentioned.

To update, you need to connect the HTC HD7 with Microsoft Zune so you can complete installation.

HTC Evo 3D Specs and Review

March 29th, 2011 HTC Themes No comments

Just when you thought that HTC would stop releasing the good stuff, here they are again.
HTC released HTC EVO 3D. Another smart phone that works in the line of 4G network. If the 4G network is troubling you, you can switch back to 3G network to maximize battery life.

-4.3 inch display
-3D resolution of 960 x 540 pixel
-Weight: 170g

With this smart phone being larger than normal, you can have no eye problems in watching. The large screen and great resolution offers you good quality in watching vids, playing games, doing some paper work etc.

-1Ghz dual-core processor
-Android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread)
-4 Gig internal memory
-MicroSD card slot
-Battery: 1730 mAh battery

This is a very powerful device. The specifications says it all. It’s like having a Pentium 1 or 2 computer with a dual core speed.

-Bluetooth 3.5mm
-Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
-Audio Jack
-Video Recording: 1080p to 720p
-Front Face Camera: 1.3MP
-Rear Camera: 5MP

HDMI & DLNA Feature

HDMI feature allows you to do play backs with HD audio and video with your smartphone. You can watch high quality movies, look at crisp pictures, watch some youtube videos that may even look better in your phone compared to your notebook or desktop.

DLNA is somewhat new. It’s an acryonim for Digital Living Network Alliance. With this, you can share, pictures, datas, access songs, movies from the PC and watch them remotely. Of course, you need a connectiong DLNA device as well.

The 3D Effect

This phone has a cool 3D effect where you can scroll from left to right continuously with no lag time. When you go to side to side while watching videos, you can see the screen actually adjusting. When you check on the pictures, the picture will look 2D at first and then it will give the picture some shadows and a 3D effect after a second.


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HTC Theme: NeonDroid Theme

March 27th, 2011 HTC Themes 3 comments


I’m a red person but when it comes to gadgets, nothing beats neon-greens.

NeonDroid, was based on CyanogenMod 4.0.4 which was a HTC Hero Sense ROM.

This theme is awesome looking and relaxing to the eye at the same time. Try looking at or even just the colors instead when you’re stressed and you’ll find that your brain goes in a somewhat relaxed mood.

Download HTC Theme: NeonDroid Theme

HTC Theme: BuuF Theme

March 24th, 2011 HTC Themes 4 comments

htc buuf

An HTC Sense 2.5 was released by Rurph at XDA-developers.

It’s compatible with any HTC phones with HTC Sense 2.5.

If you were wondering if you could ever find a “Plants vs. Zombies”-ish type of theme, here it is. This is a fresh new theme where it’ll turn your HTC into a fun, gaming and kid friendly looking smart phone.

This is called “Buuf” short for Buuffet as they call it because you can mix and match skins.

To watch the video, click here!


Download HTC Theme: BuuF Theme

Review on HTC Thunderbolt

March 24th, 2011 HTC Themes No comments


HTC ThunderBolt is the first LTE-equipped smartphone and looks to be Verizon’s phone model to be up on their banners.


-TFT LCD 4.3-inch display
-WVGA touch screen
-Back kickstand

This phone has a capability to set a new standard onto high end smartphones. HTC didn’t use AM-OLED screens because of having problems with it. Instead, HTC created a new tech wherin it can outdo AM-OLED screens. TFT’s offer better color saturation and is more relaxing to the eyes compared to AM-OLED phones that focuses on contrast and saturation.

The Large screen will take up a lot of space in your pocket, but it’s ideal to watch videos, read documents on and other stuff you can do with it. If you get tired of holding it up, it has a kickstand located at the back.


-Android OS 2.2 (Froyo)
-1 GHz Snapdragon processor
-HTC Sense
-768MB of RAM
-8 GB internal storage
-MicroSD card slot WITH 32 GB card
-Flash Support

Although most of the hardware and software are already incorporated with other smart phones, HTC doesn’t see why they shouldn’t do the same. These are high end specifications. But anticipate other phone companies to release better specification as the smart phone market advances.

You can install Flash 10.2 which allows you to have better performance in watching videos. But don’t be expecting to watch 720p videos.


-4G network
-8Megapixel camera (WOW!)
-Hotspot software
-1.3 megapixel Video Calls (front face camera)
-Skype VoIP app.
-WiFi B/G/N and Mobile Hotspot

4G networks can do download speeds of 5-12 Mbps and 2-5 Mbps upload speeds. 3G networks perform lower of course. You can browse faster than normal and gain a local internet type of speed.

If you love to share, HTC Thunderbolt can allow you to share connections via Wi-Fi and transforming you into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

If you’re a Facebook addict, you can browse at notebook speed with the phone.

The Negative

As I’ve been reading information, there are several users that reported it can’t last 5 hours because of the applications. There was a report on HTC Thunderbolt that it can’t manage the battery life.

For tips on managing the battery, you need to turn HTC Thunderbolt into a 3G device. For steps, please proceed to

HTC Thunderbolt Review

Wi-Fi only HTC Flyer to be launched by Best Buy this Spring

March 22nd, 2011 HTC Themes No comments


HTC has now came with their own press release and it looks like HTC has plans to roll out a Wi-Fi only HTC Flyer in the US market particularly at Best Buy, and Bust Buy Mobile.

March 22, 2011 at Orlando Florida: HTC together with Best Buy announced the launching of the Wi-Fi HTC Flyer tablet. HTC Flyer was already launched a month before. It’s HTC’s tablet that HTC lovers were contented but didn’t came with awe.

With the Wi-Fi version, it looks like the tablet will make a strong pick up and be able to compete with the best tablets out on today’s market.

What separates HTC Flyer from the other tablets is the HTC Sense and the HTC Scribe.

HTC Sense offers you easyh scrolling, easy tracking of pictures, better entertainment, mail, weather tracking and calendar.

HTC Scribe enables you to manipulate any on screen content with a use of pen. (Optional)

More HTC Flyer Features:

-5 megapixel CMOS auto focus camera
-1.3 megapixel front face camera
-16GB memory with microSD slot
-4,000 mAh battery
-Android operating system
-Adobe Flash 10.1
-Compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 3.0
-7” 1024×600 display
-Multi-touch capable display
-Optional digital pen

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